Unlock the Power of Oracle RightNow: Improved Agent & Amdin Experiences

Are you making the most of your Oracle RightNow application? As technology evolves and customer expectations continue to rise, staying up to date with the latest features and capabilities is essential for delivering exceptional customer experiences. In this article, we'll explore why upgrading to the latest version of Oracle RightNow is crucial and how it can benefit your business.
Unlock the Power of Oracle RightNow: Keep latest Enhanced Customer Experiences

The B2C Service Centre application operates with two release strategies. The bulk of the application leverages a quarterly release plan and the features that follow that plan are included in the current quarterly release date. A growing portion of B2C Service Centre product development operates on a weekly, continuous-release, single-version strategy, and those features are incrementally included in this document as they are released.

Key Updates:

Latest 24B Update brings enhanced customer experience and improved automation and administrator features.

Improved Agent and security experience:

  • Agent Browser UI: Attachment Image Viewer:
    The Agent Browser UI now includes a new Attachment Image Viewer feature. Within the attachment control, agents will encounter a "View" link. Upon selection, the image viewer will open, allowing agents to navigate through other attachments using right or left arrows. Agents can also zoom in and out of images and rotate them as needed. If downloading is permitted, agents can download attachments directly from the image viewer.
  • Browser UI: Add New Button in a Report Control Read only:
    A new custom configuration is now available to enforce read-only status for the "Add New" button within the report control on a workspace. Presently, even if a workspace is made read-only through a workspace rule, the "Add New" button remains enabled and accessible within the reports control. While this behaviour is intentional, there are instances where it's necessary for this button to also be read-only.
  • Browser UI: Mark all Attachments Private:
    A new custom configuration now allows for the designation of all attachments as private. When set to "Yes," all attachments are automatically marked as private. However, agents retain the ability to override this setting and mark attachments as non-private if needed. This feature aims to mitigate the risk of sensitive data being inadvertently attached to outgoing responses.

Improved Administrator and security experience:

  • Enhanced Business Rules: Export Usage Statistics:
    Provides the ability to export the Business rule usage statics, The data is segregated into Most, Least, and Not executed rules for the specified duration and limit in csv format.
  • Element Manager: Limit package size to prevent OOM issue:
    The Review and Import Package pages now display the size of both the package and its individual elements during Export and Import processes, respectively. Additionally, distinct error messages are provided for cases where individual elements or the package exceed the file size limits.

Update Availability:

It is scheduled to be made available on non-production sites on 2/22 and 3/07 and pushed to production sites on 3/07 and 03/21 respectively.

For additional information, refer page – B2C Update 24B.

Why Kyte?

Kyte is the Leader in CX Business Transformations using Oracle Cloud Technology.

Adaptation to Cloud Services has altered the traditional IT service model, where the customer may have had a team of people assigned to support the business application.

Cloud applications support:

  • Requires a wider range of specialists, however they are only needed in short bursts of time. The Kyte team caters for a broad range of products and service technologies.
  • Needs to provide advanced system administration.
  • Caters for strict change management and documentation controls.
  • Should be acting as an intermediary between the customer and the product vendor, coordinating product maintenance activities and monitoring licensing usage.
  • Requires advanced monitoring to support integrations, security, and database configurations.
  • Be adaptable, being able to scale up and down based on your requirements.

Kyte’s dedicated team of Managed Services professionals delivers not only “Break – Fix” Options, but works with customers on ongoing improvement operating models, being a partner of choice to deliver long lasting business value.

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Authors: Radha Thati / Bishnu Paudel

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