An Overview of the Oracle CX Cloud

Oracle has an extensive suite of products in the Customer Experience (CX) stack. CX covers all aspects of the customer journey, from initial awareness and research phase, to consideration, purchase and post purchase services. Whether your business is in B2C or B2B, is selling products or services, smart and data driven automation in customer engagement enable efficiencies leading to direct cost savings and increased revenue. This article provides an overview of Oracle CX Cloud’s amazing range of functionalities and key use cases, ensuring you can move your organisation towards a mature player in today’s Experience Economy.

Oracle CX Cloud covers the entire customer journey from initial interest, through research, pricing, purchase and then aftercare services and can be broke into three basic realms:

  • Marketing: Driving interest in products or services
  • Sales: Tracking opportunities, sales nurture and pricing
  • Service: Providing the care for your customer after the purchase has been made.


Oracle Marketing Cloud is a sophisticated collection of Software as a Service (SaaS) products which provide marketers with a range of delivery, personalisation, and omni channel automation mechanisms, enabling full omnichannel communication. Key components of the Marketing product suite include:

B2C Marketing - Responsys Campaign Management: Scalable cross channel communications manageable through workflow coordination functionality. Platform includes Email, SMS and Push with more channels available through integrations. Incorporates Machine Learning for intelligent segmentation.

B2B Marketing - Eloqua Marketing Automation: Create more closed-loop marketing and sales activities and manage cross-channel B2B marketing campaigns that nurture leads across each stage of the buying process. Utilise intelligent lead scoring methods to determine propensity to purchase. Integrate with your CRM to ensure to automate sales forecasts and lead management.

Oracle BlueKai Data Management Platform: Unify and activate your data to execute campaigns across digital advertising channels. Use data to drive personalized and contextual advertising that engages and wins over relevant audiences. Optimize spend across programmatic advertising through open web and social channels. Data can be augmented with offline files or integrations with other Oracle Marketing products to refine audience selection.

Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Optimisation: Advanced website testing, real-time behavioural targeting, in-session personalization, and product recommendations across websites and mobile apps. The solution offers real-time personalization for B2C and B2B marketing campaigns to increase speed to market and improve customer experiences. External data can be ingested to identify visitors to the site and then personalise the web experience.

Oracle Infinity Behavioural Intelligence: Web Analytics which collects data in real time, this allows for immediate reporting on web activity. The action centre included in the platform through streams allows for instant real time actioning of web activity, the ability to fire an API call or webhook off the back of pre-specified criteria and action instant communication.

Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform: Combine customer data from online, offline, and third-party sources to create a single, dynamic, real-time view of each customer. Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform (CDP) applies machine learning to prescribe the best next action within any existing business processes. Create merge rules to ensure that data is connected and build a 360 view of customers.

Oracle Content Management: Easily create, syndicate, and distribute relevant and consistent content through digital channels. Oracle Content Management is a centralized content management system (CMS) offering video creation and digital asset management tools to personalize customer experiences (CX) with smart content and recommendations.


Oracle Sales guides sellers with intelligent recommendations to help them focus on the most valuable prospects at the right time. These machine learning-based CRM selling tools center around clean, complete customer data from internal and external sources that sellers can trust. Enabling your sales team from initial lead capture through to pricing and actual sale. Track progress of opportunities by region of territories. The Oracle Sales Cloud products include:

Oracle Sales Cloud: A CRM platform that allows the collection and tracking of account, contacts, leads, opportunities, and activities; providing a clear insight into the progress of sales opportunities across multiple territories or regions.

Oracle Sales Force Automation: Utilise Machine Learning to present next best actions during a sales process; . Aaugmenting your CRM with ML to refine and speed up the sales process by automating time-consuming data entry and task management. Give sales reps faster paths to critical records, so they can spend less time making CRM updates and searching for information and more time selling.

Oracle Customer Data Management (CDM): Combine all your customer data in one unified platform, managing duplicates and collecting data to provide a thorough customer view. This then supports sales, marketing and service teams in providing a thorough historical record of sales and interactions.

Oracle Configure, Price Quote (CPQ): Maximize deal profitability with optimized pricing and discounting while easily creating accurate and dynamic proposals. Oracle Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) guides customers through a step-by-step process of entering a correctly configured and fully detailed purchase order, quickly automate product configurations and provide real time pricing options. Allow customers to self-service, and procure products online. Deliver all documentation from Quote to contract using pre-built templates.

CX Commerce: Build an online virtual store and sell products through a comprehensive ecommerce solution. Combine data from your CRM to build an enriched o0nline buying experience. Couple this with CPQ to provide self ser vice pricing and packaging of products or services.

Subscription Management: Manage product subscriptions throughout their lifecycle. Power growth and support recurring relationships and the corresponding revenue through subscription pricing models with a platform embedded across Oracle CX and ERP.

Partner Relationship Management: Gain complete control of channel lifecycles. Support your complete partner channel lifecycle—including recruiting, co-planning and selling, campaign-to-deal flow, quote-to-order, incentives, and knowledge-centered support.

CPQ Ecommerce integration workflow


Customers experience with brands continues well after the actual sale has been made and part of the Oracle CX offering is a dedicated end to end service platform. With 73% of people pointing to customers experience as an important factor in purchasing decisions, it is essential that after the purchase the customer retains the same data driven experience as they received during their sales enablement. Oracle Service gives the ability to predict the need for service, automate processes, and deliver tailored responses, while balancing self-service and assisted customer service models. It offers powerful and intelligent B2B, B2C, and field solutions that allow customers to receive the service they want, when, and where they need it. The End-to-end service solution focusses on the following 6 areas:

Service Requests and Case Management: Allows service agents to resolve issues quickly and efficiently with full visibility of all historical interactions with service agents. Digital services such as chatbots and virtual assistants utilise Machine Learning and AI to handle minor service issues freeing up staff to focus on high value customers and issues.

Contracts, Warranties, and Subscription Management: Consolidate warranty and subscription entitlements to allow customers to check their entitlement prior to starting down the service process. AI powered selling opportunity identification allows support for renewing contract-based subscriptions and offerings. Intelligently process warranty claims and provide greater business efficiency. This allows a company to focus resources on claims with higher likelihood of fraud, reducing revenue leakage and improving supplier recovery.

Field Service Management: Cover all digital interactions around the field service industry. This allows organisations to manage, route plan, and optimise the field service resources to better optimise your field offering. Coupled with a mobile solution, field operatives can resolve issues, upsell, and cross sell as well as renew subscriptions. Real time traffic routing allows routes to be modified based on traffic data improving time between calls.

Inventory and Logistics: Manage service parts, returns logistics and repair deport operations. Business can easily check part availability and order service part from within a service request. With the addition of AI and IoT service reps can pivot the focus away from re-active repairs to pro-active maintenance.

Digital Promotions and Order Management: Sales and marketing execution to existing customers. Combines a digital portal and CPQ to book subscriptions, parts and renew contracts. This can be used to automate purchases and facilitate repeat orders, check order status and initiate returns. The platform captures order configurations, providing pricing inventory and provides a variety of fulfilment options including direct ship, same day ship or pick up. Allowing customers or service agents to quickly identify parts and reduce the number of returns due to incorrect orders. By analysing margin, negotiation leeway and packaging options this allows service personnel to enable cross and up sell.

Billing and Payment: Organizations reduce errors and days sales outstanding (DSO) by consuming pro-forma invoices from service operations and validating against contracts, warranty, subscription, regulations, revenue recognition guidelines, and tax laws to generate and issue a full commercial invoice. A single platform supports billing processes for a company’s mixed offerings of products, services, and subscriptions. Finally, real-time insights measure the performance of goals and renewal rates.

CX Architecture Diagram

CX Platform

To support the CX offerings from Oracle they also provide a platform as a Service (PaaS) called CX Platform. This allows you to connect data, applications, and process on a unified platform, providing the ability to support your service solution including the Unity CDP and Content Management. The CX Platform has plenty of prebuilt integrations across a host of Oracle applications, both CX and Back-end solutions, as well as a comprehensive API gateway for complex integrations. With the inclusion of Digital assistant and superior levels of security this platform is the perfect way of consolidating all your experience enablement.

Oracle also offers a range of end-to-end prebuilt industry solutions. Industry verticals such as Hospitality, Automotive, Retail, public sector and many more, each has a defined solution utilising best practice learnings.

This is not a comprehensive review in the CX environment, with solutions constantly being added, such as loyalty platforms and extended advertising platforms being included all the time. Oracle does offer one of the most comprehensive CX solutions which is hosted on a platform that is supported by Oracle cloud infrastructure. Providing a great single supplier solution for all aspects of customer experience and interaction.

Customer Experience is a key differentiator.

Focus on prioritising your immediate quick wins, while establishing a plan on how to deliver against strategic objectives.

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