Empowering Australian Universities: Kyte Consulting leverages Oracle for Addressing Offer to Enrolled Challenges

Moving a student from “Offer to Enrolled” is often more complex than anticipated. The process is often riddled with complexities, from conditional offer follow-ups to seamlessly transitioning students from recruitment teams to student life departments and influencing a student’s decisioning process. Recognising these common hurdles, Kyte Consulting offers tailored solutions leveraging Oracle Technology to streamline and optimise the offer to enrolled process for universities across Australia.
Chart: Empowering Australian Universities: Kyte Consulting leverages Oracle for Addressing Offer to Enrolled Challenges

Common Challenges Faced by Universities:

  • Burden of Conditional Offer Follow-up: Universities often find themselves bogged down by the manual and time-consuming process of following up on conditional offers. Tracking requirements, sending reminders, and ensuring compliance can be overwhelming for admissions teams.
  • High Volume of Enquiries: The offer to enrolled process typically triggers a flood of enquiries from prospective students seeking clarification, guidance, and updates. Managing this high volume of enquiries efficiently becomes a challenge for university staff, impacting response times and overall student experience.
  • Transitioning Students Between Teams: Handing over students from recruitment teams responsible for admissions to student life departments responsible for onboarding and support services can be a cumbersome process. Lack of seamless communication and coordination between these teams often leads to delays and confusion for new students.

Steps to Optimisation with Kyte Consulting:

  • Implementing Workflow Automation and Nurture Journeys: Kyte Consulting leverages Oracle Technology to design and implement automated workflows and nurture journeys tailored to the offer to enrolled process. By proactively communicating information, deadlines, and requirements through personalised nurture journeys, universities can significantly reduce the burden on admissions teams and improve the overall experience for prospective students.
  • Optimising Enquiry Management: Through Oracle Service Cloud (OSC), Kyte Consulting helps universities streamline enquiry management processes. By implementing efficient ticketing systems, automated responses, and personalised nurture journeys, universities can effectively address the high volume of enquiries related to the offer to enrolled process. Additionally, nurturing prospective students through tailored communication can increase conversion rates from offer to acceptance, facilitating a smoother onboarding journey.
  • Ensuring Cross-Team Collaboration: Kyte Consulting emphasises the importance of seamless collaboration between different university departments involved in the offer to enrolled process. By ensuring that all teams have access to a centralized system or platform where they can view student interactions, touchpoints, and requirements, universities can facilitate smoother transitions between recruitment, admissions, and student life teams. This visibility fosters better coordination and communication, ultimately enhancing the overall student experience.

Technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of education. Kyte Consulting offers tailored Oracle Technology solutions to empower Australian universities in overcoming common challenges associated with the offer to enrolled process. By leveraging automation, personalised communication, and cross-team collaboration, universities can streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall student journey from offer to enrolled status.

With Kyte Consulting as a strategic partner, Australian universities can navigate the complexities of higher education with confidence and deliver exceptional experiences for prospective students.

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