Oracle Field Service (OFS) – Release 24B New Features Summary

Oracle Field Service Cloud Release 24B represents the latest quarterly update as part of Oracle's commitment to enhancing its Fusion Service offerings. This update brings significant improvements across various service components to increase efficiency, enhance user experience, and ensure global compatibility. Each feature in this release is designed to streamline operations, boost productivity, and extend the system's functionality to meet the dynamic needs of businesses operating globally.
Oracle Field Service (OFS) – Release 24B New Features Summary


  • Extended Time Zone Support: OFS has expanded its list of supported time zones to include additional ones from the IANA database, enhancing global operations and accurate service billing across regions. Admins can now easily add these time zones in the Configuration > Display screen.
  • Optimise Statistics Key Configuration: A new system notification alerts administrators when activity or travel duration keys are too broad or specific, affecting estimation accuracy. Admins are guided to adjust keys directly from the configuration screen for optimal performance.


  • Chat Group Restriction: Administrators can now restrict chats within specific Collaboration Groups, aligning communication with privacy, control, and legal compliances. The update includes a redesigned Collaboration configuration screen following Redwood styles. This change ensures focused and relevant group discussions, enhancing productivity and security.


  • Improvements for Quota Screen: Functional and visual updates have been made to the Quota screen, including a unified view for both time slot and interval-based booking approaches, a new 'Remaining quota' column, enhanced keyboard navigation, and visual indicators for the 'recurrent auto-fill' option. These enhancements aim to streamline user experience and improve quota management efficiency.

Core Application

  • Banners on Where’s My Technician Screen: Companies can now add up to five banners to the WMT screen, offering opportunities for marketing, customer engagement, and providing informational updates. The banners can rotate dynamically or be interactively swiped through on mobile devices, enhancing brand presence and user engagement.


  • Time Zone Difference in Booking API Responses: The capacity-related booking operations API now includes time zone differences in responses. This addition aids in accurately managing bookings and appointments across regions that observe Daylight Saving Time changes.

The release of 24B focuses on enhancing user experience, optimising configurations for global operations, improving collaboration tools, and providing a more intuitive and efficient system for capacity management. These updates aim to facilitate more precise scheduling, resource management, and better integration across different time zones and operational scales.


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For more details, please refer to the Oracle Cloud Readiness.

Author: Jeffry Husman

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