Establishing a Marketing Centre of Excellence for Container Exchange Services

Did you know that “Containers for Change” is an incentivised recycling scheme, currently operating in WA and QLD? Similar schemes, such as CDS Vic, will also be rolled out in VIC, SA and TAS in the coming 3-18 months.
Establishing a Marketing Centre of Excellence for Container Exchange Services

The scheme is simple:

  1. Collect your eligible 10¢ containers. Collect and return your drink containers to schemes like Containers for Change, so the materials can be recycled to live another life
  2. Bring them to the dedicated locations (see website for details)
  3. Earn a refund or donate. Receive a 10¢ refund for every eligible container you return, which you can keep for yourself or choose to donate to a good cause.

Simply register, become a member number, recycle your containers, earn a refund or donate.

Kyte Consulting is a very proud partner of Container Exchange Services, which is the business behind the Containers for Change brand and others like it, by helping to establish a Marketing Centre of Excellence, including:

  • Determining the full Customer Lifecycle moments of truth, engagement trigger points, and marketing automation programs.
  • Determining key persona groups and their needs and wants analyses.
  • Establishment of a KPI and reporting model across Digital Marketing which clearly relates back to real Business Objectives.
  • Search Engine Optimisation, Website Optimization and Content Strategy.
  • Ongoing test and learn, review and improve processes.
  • Reporting and KPI Template creation.
  • Centre of Excellence Operating Model to support local schemes and ensure the message gets out there, so more people can participate in this good cause.

We love working with this client team, because as an organisation we too believe in the circular economy, support sustainability, and know that recycling is such a critical part of it all. Together, we hope to raise awareness for these schemes and create the desired impact across Australia.

Customer Experience is a key differentiator.

Focus on prioritising your immediate quick wins, while establishing a plan on how to deliver against strategic objectives.

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