Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Customer Data with a CDP

Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform helps you bring together data from all sources across marketing, sales, and service as well as finance, supply chain, and HR to create a single, dynamic view of your customer. You can create customer-centric campaigns leveraging more than 50 prebuilt, intelligent attributes, such as customer lifetime value, days since last email open, days since last purchase, and more. When consistent, reliable, and unified data is coupled with AI and machine learning, you can make every customer interaction matter.

Single, dynamic customer view

Bring back-office and CRM data into a unified, 360-degree customer profile. Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform gathers customer signals and applies them to the customer profile in real time so you have the most up-to-date information about your customer in every moment.

Integrate all datasources

Simplify and consolidate all of your online, offline, first-, second-, and third-party data sources into a dynamic and connected customer profile.

Built-in identity resolution

Connect individual identities across devices, channels, and domains. Use advanced privacy and identity controls to build a unified, accessible profile.

Enterprise data quality

Organize and maintain data quality by consolidating all of your data, including real-time behavioral signals, into a single repository. Unity Customer Data Platform cleanses and prepares that data and uses it to build enterprise data models.

Industry-specific schemas

Take advantage of data models built for your industry and a metadata-driven architecture that you can fully configure and extend.

Oracle Content Management for CX

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