Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

Find the best leads through brilliant B2B marketing campaigns that interact with customers in their preferred channels. Create targeted, cross-channel marketing campaigns and personalize communications with advanced lead management and marketing automation.


Oracle Eloqua Advanced Intelligence

Leverage AI to scale efficiencies in selecting the right audiences, engage customers intelligently with relevant emails at the right time, and deliver the best customer experiences possible.

Activate contact/email fatigue data

Don’t just calculate customer fatigue levels. Activate it to use as intelligence that powers the next best action you take with each contact. With AI built into Oracle Eloqua’s core processes and workflows, contact fatigue data becomes a powerful tool, allowing you to use automated processes to better target and manage your email campaigns.

Improve key account targeting

Identify your most engaged accounts using Eloqua’s account engagement scoring. Use account scoring for granular audience targeting and content personalization. Learn which products and content are the most interesting to your accounts with the intelligence dashboard so you can take the best next action.

Optimize email engagement

Improve email open rates by predicting the best time to send contact contacts emails and how those emails will perform with a particular subject line. When used with fatigue insights, you can optimize overall email engagement across all campaigns.

Sales and marketing alignment

Keep marketing and sales aligned through unified buyer and account intelligence that simplifies the identification of high-value opportunities and top-tier accounts.

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

Customer Experience is a key differentiator.

Focus on prioritising your immediate quick wins, while establishing a plan on how to deliver against strategic objectives.

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