Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

Find the best leads through brilliant B2B marketing campaigns that interact with customers in their preferred channels. Create targeted, cross-channel marketing campaigns and personalize communications with advanced lead management and marketing automation.


Adaptive campaign orchestration

Create dynamic campaigns that will intrigue buyers and intelligently adapt the experience based on a buyer’s real-time activities at every stage of the customer journey.

Create campaigns that adapt

Respond to unpredictable customer journeys. Eloqua can listen for key activities and adapt the experience or move customers to a different campaign to better match their interests.

Deploy campaigns faster

Easily create multi-step or simple campaigns in minutes using an intuitive drag and drop interface that spans multiple channels, such as email, display search, web, video and mobile.

Expand engagement with SMS messaging

Use SMS messages to send event reminders, important product updates, and invitations to provide feedback. Add SMS to Eloqua campaigns to improve customer convenience and personalize experiences based on digital behaviors. Turn leads into customers with two-way long/short codes or link tracking features. Track sends and deliveries with detailed SMS overview reports that come preconfigured or easily build custom reports for your SMS analytics needs.

Simplify campaign management

Save time by using Eloqua’s Program Canvas to automate repetitive manual tasks. Simplify and extend your data workflows with program triggers such as changes in lead score or gaining a new contact.

Optimize send time

Send emails when they are most likely to be opened. Eloqua assesses historical data to determine the optimal time for a contact to receive an email so you can send emails on the preferred day and time for each customer.

Lead management and lead scoring

Automate lead scoring that updates in real-time across multiple campaigns and business lines. Improve sales readiness with quality leads that can be delivered to sales in minutes.

Accurate lead scoring

Score leads on both customer profile data and activity data to create dynamic non-linear lead scores. Our model allows for real-time adjustments based on the most recent and relevant activity to ensure the highest accuracy.

Flexible lead modeling

Run sophisticated lead-scoring models concurrently and that scale automatically for as many products or campaigns as you require. Scoring models are easily updated without the help of IT.

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

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