Your Centralised Content Hub

Easily create, syndicate, and distribute relevant and consistent content through digital channels. Oracle Content Management is a centralized content management system (CMS) offering video creation and digital asset management tools to personalize customer experiences (CX) with smart content and recommendations.


Simplified omnichannel delivery

Make the right content available exactly when and where customers engage within your brand. Oracle Content Management is an API-first platform that allows you to place content any place it needs to go—without creating more work for IT.

Decoupled management and delivery

Improve your management and deployment workflows by using your favourite front-end technologies while creating and reusing your best content easily.

Site building

Launch sites and pages quickly with in-context, drag-and-drop tools designed for marketers.

CX channel delivery

Deliver more consistent customer experiences across marketing, ecommerce, sales, and service channels. Deliver digital assets and content items as fully rendered HTML for use in Oracle Eloqua-based marketing campaigns and other channels.

Collaboration and workflow

Work more efficiently within and across teams using popular creative and productivity tools and calendars connected to Oracle’s centralized content hub.


Improve the accuracy and speed of content approval and launch. In-context annotation and comments allow you to improve efficiency by moving offline approval processes online.


Accelerate speed to market and streamline content creation with flagging and approval and publishing workflows.

Content scheduling

Improve planning and collaboration across all content channels with an easy-to-read and easy-to-use content calendar. Stream and deliver videos efficiently to multiple channels or campaigns.

Available everywhere, for everyone

Collaborate with teams and agencies across mobile, web, or desktops—for all types of content—to keep projects moving forward no matter how your teams prefer to work.

Oracle Content Management for CX

Customer Experience is a key differentiator.

Focus on prioritising your immediate quick wins, while establishing a plan on how to deliver against strategic objectives.

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