Your Centralised Content Hub

Easily create, syndicate, and distribute relevant and consistent content through digital channels. Oracle Content Management is a centralized content management system (CMS) offering video creation and digital asset management tools to personalize customer experiences (CX) with smart content and recommendations.


Video creation platform

Collaborate with fans, employees, and customers around the world to create user-generated content at scale. Our mobile and desktop platform gives you the tools to build a powerful, resourceful video team so you can realize your brand’s creative vision and get videos to market quickly—while reducing production costs.

Capture together

Create a video project using a brief to describe the goals and content required, and then invite collaborators to capture, upload, edit, curate, and deliver their video content.

Smartphone video capture

Create a video project, add a shot list, and then invite collaborators to capture and upload footage—all through your smartphone.

Collect and review

Curate your video content collaboratively in the cloud. Easily search through the library of footage, add labels and communicate with your team to achieve high quality video content.

Cloud video editing

The desktop platform and mobile app offer powerful cloud-based video editing capabilities, designed to make video creation fast and easy.

Enhanced video support

Take your content strategy to the next level. Oracle Content Management makes it easy to create and manage videos (PDF) that get your customers’ attention and keeps them engaged.

Video tagging

Find the videos you need faster and easier. Smart video tagging makes it easier to discover and reuse videos. Tagging both the general video content as well as subjects within the video allow you to search for aspects within the video content itself.


Collaborate with your team to create meaningful and effective videos. Add comments and flags, and trim, crop, or edit video within the tool. Streamlined workflows help you efficiently review or approve assets.

Video analysis

Analyze video playback to optimize and improve your video content. See who’s watching your videos, how they’re accessing them, and where they’re consuming your content from. The desktop platform and mobile app video creation fast and easy with robust, cloud-based video editing capabilities.

Oracle Content Management for CX

Customer Experience is a key differentiator.

Focus on prioritising your immediate quick wins, while establishing a plan on how to deliver against strategic objectives.

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