Oracle Responsys Send Time Optimisation

Send time optimization (STO) uses a Machine learning algorithm to determine the optimal time of the day that a person is likely to open emails based on data collected from engagement with previous campaigns. Data from previous opens is collected and aggregated through a process which then passes the information into a marketing platform. In the case of Responsys this is a PET which contains the daily popular hour of opens for each contact in the contact list.


The Value of STO

As habitual creatures we are prone to certain actions at regular times, therefore the theory is that, on most days, we will check our email at regular times each day, this may be at the start of our day or when we have breaks during our such as lunchtim. STO identifies the most popular time of each day when we are actively engaged with email (or SMS and Push notifications). By sending at this optimal time then it islikely that the email will be higher in the list of emails we have recieved since we last checked the account. Therefore this provides more prominence and hopefully the recipient is more likely to open the mail and engage with your brand.


Higher Engagement

By having the email higher in the inbox of an account there is a higher probability that the email will be engaged with and that revenue will increase. For new contacts with no behavior history, their first emails will be sent at a time calculated on the basis of your account’s aggregate historical data on open times. But the algorithm analyzes new responses for every contact on a daily basis and updates its model accordingly. This means that you will develop more accurate data over time.


STO in Program

Campaigns can be sent within a Program in Responsys with a STO module included. The module effectively acts as a timer module, each hour it checks the STO table to confirm if contacts held in the stage have this time configured as the best hour to send. The module releases those people who are eligible and sends them a communication. This then places the communication higher in the inbox, therefore more noticeable, when the contact is most likely to view their emails. The module is simple to use and easy to incorporate into programs, like a data switch there are always two options or channels from the module. This is due to the fact that there will always be gaps in the data collected, days when email has not been opened have null values in the fields and as such there is an option for the lack of data to send a timed or immediate email.


Complex Weekly Sends

Send Time optimisation also includes an aggregated view on which days are popular and when is the best day to send an email, this means you can target communications over the whole week to get the best day of the week and the best time during that day to deliver communications. For non-time sensitive communications this is an ideal way to target the best window of opportunity.


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