AI-Driven Sales Automation

Oracle Sales Force Automation helps sellers execute the recommended next best action using machine learning and comprehensive, account-level data. This CRM solution automates and simplifies data entry and uses mobile interactions, giving your sales teams more time to engage with customers and prospective customers.


Sales Force Automation

Eliminate mind-numbing data entry and endless clicks with CRM sales tools that automate administrative tasks so you can focus more time on your customers and closing business.

New virtual sales capabilities

Simplify the sales process with a CRM sellers want to use. We’ve made it easy for sellers to search and enter data using simple commands and keystrokes, explore all customer information and activity in a comprehensive view, and gain insights into individual and team performance with an interactive dashboard.

360-degree customer view

Give your sales reps the tools need so they can spend more time selling and less time hunting for customer/prospect information. Provide them with the complete picture. Augment your customer records with CRM and back-office systems data that’s collected and enriched with verified, third-party customer and company data.

Task-based user interface

Enable your sales teams to take quick actions—complete daily tasks, see upcoming closing opportunities, and immediately accept hot leads. Customize their selling experience and organize dashboards with critical sales insights in a format that works best for each unique person.

Searchable workspace

Find actionable intelligence faster through a single, customizable view of accounts, opportunities, leads, and contacts—all aided by high-performance search.

Efficient records management

Easily update appointments and tasks, complete call logs, assign follow-ups, and add contacts through a system that’s fully integrated with popular email solutions (Outlook, Notes, Gmail) and collaboration suites.

Sales/marketing collaboration

Benefit from a holistic view of sales and marketing engagements. View the complete marketing engagement history, add contacts and leads directly to marketing campaigns, and provide feedback on effectiveness and interest.

Visual builder

Leverage Oracle Visual Builder to rapidly create and deliver custom web and mobile applications that further boost sales productivity and complement Oracle’s core sales cloud solution.

Guided selling backed by AI

Personalized guidance and holistic sales intelligence, strategically deployed will help sellers sell more. Embedded AI increases CRM adoption, improves data integrity, and helps reps sell faster, smarter, and with the right focus.

Connected business planning

Create and assign business plans for accounts, partners, and territories to align with your go-to-market strategy. Define and strategize ideal targets, opportunities, product mix, and offers so sales reps stay focused and accountable.

Account prioritization

Target the best accounts and opportunities using a transparent and easy-to-understand account scoring model. Uncover new best-fit accounts in your addressable market to drive sales growth.

Strategic account planning

Build comprehensive account plans to nurture relationships, decide what to sell, how to sequence and structure deals, and secure visibility across complex organizations/accounts.

Personalized sales playbooks

Track progress on commercial and technical qualifications, follow recommended sales paths unique to each deal, and employ personalized sales coaching and guided help tailored to each person’s skill level and expertise.

Intelligent lead and opportunity guidance

Prioritize leads most likely to convert, analyze win probabilities as deals evolve, and get AI-recommended next-best actions to keep sales engagements on track.

Optimized sales activity

Automatically assess the effectiveness of sales activity and alert both reps and managers to deals that need attention, along with AI-backed recommendations for how to effectively re-engage.

Sales productivity tools

Leverage the tools, systems, and devices that you already use and easily access and update CRM data from these channels:

Oracle Sales Mobile app

Boost productivity while on the go with an actionable home page and a new search experience, plus a biometric login and native device integrations to simplify your daily sales tasks.

Oracle Sales Assistant

Reduce the barriers your sales team faces when accessing critical records. Provide them with a digital assistant to update opportunities, pipeline, appointments, and daily sales tasks with ease—even while on the go.

Integrated email

Eliminate the time needed to switch between CRM and other applications. Without leaving email, your sales reps can use their CRM to make quick edits to opportunities, schedule meetings, log notes, and more.

Integrated collaboration

View and update Oracle Sales data in the familiar collaboration tools you already rely on.


Quickly find and edit records within your workspace from any device. Curate lists with your most relevant sales records and drive better sales outcomes by filtering your most important accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

Smart Lists

Easily generate Smart Lists previous to access the most relevant information about leads and opportunities—all based on previous work patterns and future activities.

Adaptive search

Discover and consolidate essential sales information and relevant quote-level details directly within your CRM workspace. Save complex searches and access them across multiple systems including desktop, mobile, and Microsoft 365

Intuitive mobile experience

Use a mobile application that works for you—even when you’re offline—keeping you connected to all the tools and information you need at every stage of the sales process.

Conversational UI

Talk to your CRM to easily complete tasks. With a mobile digital assistant that responds to your voice or text, you can enter CRM data and get work done quickly and efficiently.

Quick and easy access

Stop wasting valuable time accessing your CRM. Scan a QR code, use SSO, or use basic authentication to set up your mobile sales app and log in with face- or touch-ID thereafter. Remove friction and sell faster.

Action-driven home page

Remove any guesswork of what comes next. Access a daily sales briefing to track your pipeline and stay on top of assigned tasks using one, easy-to-navigate tool.

Native integrations

Maximize productivity with a mobile solution that works the way you need it to. Upload documents, scan QR codes, add contacts directly from your phone’s contact list, and import notes with a single touch.

Advanced search

Quickly find what you need for the customer or opportunity at hand. Search across all objects and leverage type-ahead results to answer questions before they are asked.

Offline mode

Gain much needed flexibility and agility in today’s competitive world. View and edit data when no network connection exists and have that data sync automatically once a connection is re-established.

Customer Experience is a key differentiator.

Focus on prioritising your immediate quick wins, while establishing a plan on how to deliver against strategic objectives.

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