Oracle Commerce

Move business online and enrich the buying experience with data from your CRM and back-office systems. Oracle Commerce is a unified B2B and B2C ecommerce platform that makes your digital sales channels central to your company’s success by building personalized, online buyer experiences, innovating faster, and boosting sales.

B2B Commerce

Create great customer experiences and support your most complex requirements. Deliver a modern, B2C-caliber customer experience while supporting B2B ecommerce requirements, such as contract pricing, customer catalogs, approval workflows, multilevel organizations, punchouts, and more.

Custom catalogs and pricing

Tailor your ecommerce experience to individual users and their organizations with native support for account-based selling, contract-based catalogs and pricing, and custom payment options.

Account hierarchies and permissions

Create the framework to sell more efficiently while keeping control of your business requirements.

Approval workflows

Simplify your approval processes and streamline the necessary workflows, rules, and requirements—based on each customer’s unique needs and expectations—to close business faster.

Punchout and procurement

Improve your customer’s access to your goods or services by allowing those business users to place orders through their own procurement system with Oracle Commerce’s punchout capabilities.

Simplified site and experience management

Have the flexibility and control to build new experiences without involving IT. Put site and experience management into the hands of business users with a code-free, drag-and-drop interface, using a cloud-based ecommerce solution to innovate and leverage new capabilities quickly.

Cloud native ecommerce solution

Ensure you’re using the latest solutions available. Oracle’s cloud native ecommerce solution eliminates manual upgrades and versioning. Reap the benefits of continuous fixes and performance improvements, while maintaining backwards compatibility, so that the integrity of all unique customizations is retained.

Experience management

Create dynamic experiences quickly and easily using Design Studio’s drag-and-drop interface that contains a layout and widget framework to curate an experience based on your unique needs. Choose from more than 20 prebuilt page layouts and more than 70 widgets or create your own templates, layouts, and reusable widgets.

Intuitive ecommerce tools

Give your teams the management control they require to react to change quickly. Business users can manage your online storefront with nontechnical tools that provide the needed control over product catalogs, pricing, inventory, and promotions.

Native ecommerce capabilities

Dynamically curate the customer experience (CX) for each buyer with native capabilities, such as guided search and navigation, merchandising, personalization, promotions, and more.

Business-critical integrations

Increase revenues and customer lifetime value (CLV) by streamlining the purchasing process with integrations that continuously grow the value of your customer and company data.

Customer relationship management (CRM) suite

Develop a single customer view and engage accurately and consistently—across the entire purchasing and ownership journey—with a wide range of CRM solutions that support B2B marketing, sales, and B2B customer service.

Configure, price, quote (CPQ)

Lower the cost of sales and speed up the sales process by integrating Oracle Commerce with Oracle Configure, Price, Quote. Bring configurable products, complex bundling, and asset-based ordering online. At the same time, support self-service quoting and purchasing, avoiding escalation to more costly sales channels.

Subscription management

Grow recurring relationships and tap into predictable revenues by enabling new consumption and pricing models. Oracle Subscription Management lets your customers consume your products and services in the manner of their choosing.

ERP and supply chain management (SCM)

Improve customer engagement across the entire customer lifecycle by linking your CRM and back-office systems. Connect customer, product, pricing, and availability data from your primary systems of record, such as ERP or supply chain systems, into your CRM system to better understand and serve your customers’ needs.

Ready for growth

Tackle today’s challenges and take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities. Oracle Commerce provides the flexibility to take ecommerce experiences to new places, reach new customers, and grow your revenue. The possibilities are endless.

API-first digital commerce

Extend, customize, and innovate CX with headless ecommerce development capabilities. Integrate digital commerce into any customer touchpoint of your choosing—AR/VR, voice, Internet of Things (IoT), and more.

Unified direct and wholesale models

Manage B2B and direct-to-consumer sales (B2C) ecommerce models on a unified platform at a single subscription cost. Gain new levels of flexibility to customize each site experience by leveraging existing infrastructure, assets, and product information.

Reusable components for expansion

Launch new brand, product, and regional sites easily using your existing investments. Oracle Commerce supports more than 40 languages and 60 currencies to help you go wherever business opportunities take you.

Customer Experience is a key differentiator.

Focus on prioritising your immediate quick wins, while establishing a plan on how to deliver against strategic objectives.

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