Optimize Sales Orders with CPQ

Oracle Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) guides customers through an order to cash process of entering a correctly configured and fully detailed purchase order. Once a correctly configured order is entered, the CPQ solution responds with a price quote including all the proper discounts, terms, and conditions for this specific customer. If the customer accepts the quote, it then becomes an order. The solution improves order accuracy, shortens sales cycles, and lowers operational costs. It is the only configure, price, quote solution available today that is designed to connect the front- and back-office.



Automated configurations

Ensure that your focus remains on the customer with accurate and functional product configurations. Built-in intelligence delivers the optimal product mix—even if the product changes over time. Guided pathways help your sales team close deals by creating accurate and functional configurations in seconds.

Guided selling

Make sure every offer is accurate and validated. Provide sales teams with effective, easy-to-follow steps that identify customer needs and recommend relevant product offers. Provide customers with self-service capabilities and use the same tools to guide them through a wide spectrum of configurable ordering and purchasing processes.

Intuitive configuration

Quickly navigate the configuration process, using a common product model for one-click quoting or as a basis for customization. Reusable rules and easy-to-understand screens improve direct sales, partner sales, and customer self-service channels.

Anywhere, anytime support

Collaboratively sell and interact with customers—no matter where they are—from any device. Reduce the number of back-and-forth iterations by letting your customer help configure products or services in real time.

Subscription ordering

Easily configure and manage subscription annuities, software license contracts, support agreements, and renewals, including end-dates, and prorated pricing.


Real-time pricing

Be fully prepared for every customer interaction with automated, real-time pricing decisions. Provide intelligently designed pricing and discount information, such as optimal price determination, average selling price (ASP), price comparison scatterplots, last price paid, and other relevant deal comparison analytics. By streamlining pricing variability, your sales team can focus on need identification and building stronger relationships with each customer.

Flexible pricing support

Provide your sales teams with consistent, real-time pricing and discounting data based on current promotions and regulations. Support multiple price books, discretionary discounting, localization, seasonality, promotions, channel pricing, multi-tier pricing, and much more.

Intelligent deal management

Align sales activities to corporate objectives and focus on the right deals with in-depth deal analysis and metrics, such as cost, discounts, margins, and profitability. Maximize margins and boost win rates with visibility into price scoring, last price paid, KPI deal comparison, historical trends, and predictive win optimization data.

Dynamic workflows

Automate the validation and approval process and limit access to designated approvers at each point in the sales process. Notify the correct approvers and encourage rapid response via smartphone approval capabilities.


Convenient quoting

Create professional quotes and proposals in a single click. Oracle Configure, Price, Quote dynamically generates proposals with current and accurate data across multiple languages. Elevate the customer experience by providing branded, comprehensive proposals and minimizing the piecemeal flow of information that slows down sales cycles.

Document designer

Automate the documentation creation process. Quickly and easily create comprehensive documentation, including proposals, custom-branded detailed quotes, statements of work (SOW), engineering documents, data sheets, and contracts.

Contract management

Generate dynamic contracts, including approvals and signatures routing. Compare and merge contracts, highlight differences across contract versions, accept or reject specific changes made by the customer or your legal department, and store contracts with accounts or opportunities. Use contract analysis capabilities to identify trends.

Document and language flexibility

Personalize designated areas within the document with built-in multilanguage compatibility and output, including PDF, Microsoft Word, and rich-text formats.

Electronic signatures

Full integration with market-leading e-signature vendors makes collecting signatures seamless and easy.


End-to-end integration

Use Oracle Configure, Price, Quote to bridge the gap between your CRM and ERP systems and establish an end-to-end sales-to-order process. Unify customer data with pricing, inventory, and other key data to improve cross-organizational operations, reduce sales cycle time, increase business margins, and begin the process of business transformation while supporting current investments.

CRM—Customer relationship management

Embed CPQ functionality natively within your CRM solution so your sales team can easily access customer order histories and create, modify, and send quotes from a single screen.

Digital commerce/ecommerce

Expand self-service capabilities by supporting even the most complex B2B configuration, bundling subscription pricing and asset-based ordering online. Leverage the prepackaged integration with Oracle Commerce and Oracle Subscription Management to guide customers through an intuitive purchasing or ordering flow.

ERP—Enterprise resource planning

With integration into your existing ERP system, sellers can be confident about the quote accuracy, converting them to orders with a single click. Integrate with more than 20 ERP systems including Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle JD Edwards, SAP, Infor LN, and Microsoft.

Web services

Flexibly connect to a wide variety of web service applications including e-signatures, mapping, inventory availability, manufacturing materials, pricing fluctuations, currency exchanges, provisioning status, and shipping calculations.

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