Orchestrate Global Order Fulfillment across all Sources

Today’s omni-channel order management environment has never been more complex. Oracle Order Management Cloud is your one stop solution for omni-channel order management across multiple and disparate capture and fulfillment systems and provides a comprehensive, fully integrated solution for the entire capture, promising, price and configure fulfillment process.


Omnichannel Order Management

Unify customer experience

Gain frictionless order orchestration and fulfillment by streamlining end-to-end order flow processes across multiple ERP and existing order management systems. Automate the entire process from order capture, settlement, and post-sales care.

Capture complex orders

Improve customer satisfaction by capturing and validating orders online to ensure fewer processing exceptions and faster order execution. Orchestrate seamless ordering and complex product deliveries with associated services.

Fulfill with flexibility

Meet your customer requirements with multiple fulfillment options such as drop-ship, back-to-back, and configure-to-order.

Outpace business change

Meet changing market needs by easily configuring your own, unique processes to innovate and make modifications. Make better decisions through end-to-end visibility and analytics on orders, inventory, shipments, supply, and invoices.

Manage exceptions

Keep your customers happy by preemptively addressing at-risk-orders in time to take corrective action. Gain real-time visibility into order status and conduct what-if analysis to evaluate and pick the best option.

Strategic Price Management

Build price segmentation

Group customers based on buying characteristics and price sensitivities to better position your products and services. Create pricing strategies to achieve best returns.

Maximize profit margins

Ensure that your revenue targets are met by setting segment-specific target prices that capture your customer’s perceived value of products. Use flexible-price modeling to develop pricing rules that align with your corporate margin objectives.

Deliver dynamic pricing

Deploy dynamic pricing strategies across the enterprise with a flexible, easy-to-use administration feature set. Model complex pricing scenarios to create pricing processes that are tailored to channel and business practices.

Enforce pricing policies

Leverage pricing guidelines to control discounting discipline, protect profitability and comply with corporate policy. Centralize pricing to ensure consistency across sales channels with a flexible, service-based architecture.

Apply changes rapidly

Meet your business objectives by quickly implementing pricing changes. Update large volumes of pricing data using efficient maintenance tools.

Simplified Products and Services Configuration

Solution configurator

Simplify the configuration of complex, customizable products and services using an intuitive, visual, user experience. “Finish It For Me” capability lets the configurator make the remaining selections after users make a minimal set of selections.

Optimize product offering

Match customer requirements to the best- possible solution through guided configuration modelling, that tailors products and services to your customer’s unique specifications.

Accelerate order-to-production

Ensure the timely, accurate submission of order-to-production by reducing the manual steps needed to build configured orders. Eliminate order errors and the associated cost of rework by limiting customer configuration choices to only valid options.

Make better decisions

Enable users to make informed decisions about their selections based on real-time pricing, including option pricing and the total price of the configuration.

Ensure model continuity

Ensure model continuity across your entire quote-to-cash process by embedding Oracle Configurator Cloud into all your sales channels.

Global Order Promising

Exceed customer expectations

Promise fast, reliable delivery dates every time. Schedule ship-from-stock, drop ship, and make-to-order items based on actual product availability and delivery capacity.

Dynamically source supply

Automatically select the best supply source that can buy, make, or transfer items to meet demand. Use zone-based and profitable-to-promise sourcing to find supply that optimizes cost and on-time delivery.

Commit to the sale

Increase on-time shipment and maximize your profitability by leveraging open purchase orders, supplier capacity, and in-transit and planned supplies when promising orders.

Fulfill complex orders

Reduce shipping costs by consolidating line items to ship together or deliver on the same date. Schedule configure-to-order items by adjusting supply sources, lead times, and availability. Manage drop-ship and back-to-back orders.

Proactively manage backlog

Prioritize and reschedule backlog orders to allocate scarce supply to prioritized customers, channels, or geographies. Reserve local supply for short lead-time orders and source long-term orders from upstream capacity.

Channel Revenue Management

Simplify trade promotion management processes, minimize claim errors, disputes, invalid deductions, and automate settlement for better cash flow and profitability.

Maximize rebate revenue

Maximize program value and cash flow by automating rebate program management to ensure rebate dollars are calculated correctly and claimed in full.

Improve rebate visibility

Eliminate unclaimed rebates by tracking and managing rebate programs using one digitalized platform that provides real-time visibility into what is owed and what needs to be claimed.

Manage the rebate lifecycle

Connect supplier rebate program management to procurement, inventory management, payables, and finance applications to streamline processes and improve operational efficiency.

Track supplier performance

Eliminate manual rebate tracking processes that are disconnected from purchases or contract repositories. The integrated end-to-end solution provides visibility into supplier and program performance to better evaluate procurement effectiveness.

Strengthen vendor relationships

Simplify rebate claim processes to ensure claim accuracy and minimize claim disputes. Oracle’s ERP-integrated solution offers visibility into purchasing, pricing, and rebate earnings information, enabling effective negotiation and collaboration with suppliers.

Optimize rebate programs

Drive sales revenue by enabling wholesale distributors to simplify the modeling of special pricing agreements with suppliers.

Drive channel efficiency

Ensure rebate calculation accuracy, eliminate claim duplicates, reduce claim rejections and disputes, and lower administration costs.

Reduce process complexity

Integrates with Oracle Cloud ERP automated billing and payment processing for fast rebate claims.

Improve cash flow

Maximize your profit margins by leaving no rebate revenue unclaimed. Streamline program execution and automate settlement processes to reduce claim processing time.

Scale for resiliency

Enables wholesale distributors to scale new trade programs in a flexible manner, with minimum risk.

Centralize management

Manage different types of deductions from one location. Increase deduction recovery rate with full visibility into outstanding claims and deductions across all channels.

Drive process efficiency

Reduce the time spent to resolve short pays. Identify invalid deductions and manage settlement with a streamlined resolution process.

Automate settlement

Reduce settlement costs and cycle time with end-to-end deduction lifecycle management that is integrated with accounts receivable for automatic settlement.

Reduce write-offs

Decrease days deductions outstanding (DDO) by quickly identifying invalid deductions and collecting funds owed within stipulated timeframe, reducing unnecessary write-offs to maximize profitability.

Enhance controls

Manage audit trails for every resolution, optimizing internal controls, reporting, and compliance.

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