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Create a comprehensive, unbiased view of the consumer to increase engagement and drive business strategy. Leverage Mobilewalla’s consumer data and analytics capabilities to understand your customers and prospects in a more meaningful way. Mobilewalla data gives you the breadth, depth and scale that you need to take your customer engagement to the next level.


Get an unparalleled understanding of consumer behavior

With highly nuanced and multi-dimensional data sets, we help data scientists, data analysts, marketers, and researchers enrich data with valuable consumer insights to build a more complete picture of how and where customers interact with them - online and offline, within their brand and beyond.

  • Increase acquisition and retention rates through a better understanding of customer and prospect behaviour
  • Improve predictive modelling results through access to additional data sources
  • Easily identify high value customers and target prospects with similar characteristics
  • Understand competitive behaviour and brand propensity

Mobilewalla aggregates data from multiple sources, then applies data cleansing and fraud detection measures with a combination of deterministic, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques to generate attributes and features which can be used to make predictions, enhance existing data or perform analysis.

Privacy and compliance is in everything we do, from the data we acquire, to our products and solutions. Data is acquired from third parties in the digital ecosystem including publishers, demand side platforms (DSP), data management platforms (DMP) and data aggregators.

Mobilewalla operates under a rigorous privacy and consent framework. We do not have sensitive or personally identifying information such as name, address, phone number, email, government-issued identification numbers, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or credit card number.

Customer Experience is a key differentiator.

Focus on prioritising your immediate quick wins, while establishing a plan on how to deliver against strategic objectives.

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