Manage Service Parts, Returns Logistics and Repair Depot Operations

Service center

Manage service issues

Easily track service requests for customers and partners across multiple channels.

Utilize an omnichannel solution

Stay organized with a single view of service requests across all sources. Manage all real-time channels from one location.

Leverage knowledge management

Provide fast and accurate answers to agents from all sources across global organizations.

Field service

Route and schedule

Match technician skills and schedule to incident requirements. Oracle Cloud Service Logistics uses machine learning recommendations to create efficient routes and repair schedules.

Manage, dispatch, and locate workforce

Manage field service compliance with service level agreements and dispatch your mobile workers in a timely and efficient manner. Proactively react to changing priorities in the field and dispatch technicians based on real-time location of each mobile worker.

Enable mobile technicians

Equip the field service technicians with a highly configurable mobile solution that increases worker productivity and provides real-time updates to the back office and peers.

Collaborate with the field

Give employees the ability to accept inventory transfers, job assignments, and share location information with the click of a button.

Depot repair

Estimate, repair, and return

Provide your customer with an estimate of the repair cost and generate a return material authorization to return the asset for repair. Quickly and easily create a work order, execute the repair, and ship the repaired asset back to your customer.

Complete visibility

Manage the entire flow of work in your repair organization with linkage of returns to repair work orders, charges, shipments, and invoices. Optimize resource usage and properly bill for services.

Optimized part logistics

Order parts

Easily check availability and order a service part from within a service request.

Fulfill part orders

Ensure that the right part is quickly sent to the right place to resolve your customer’s issue.

Manage trunk stock

Enable field service technicians to easily order, receive, transfer, and reserve parts for their trunk stock, ensuring they always have the right parts to perform their work.

Initiate returns

Initiate return material authorization for customer returns within a service request.

Service debrief

Review charges

Properly review charges for parts, labor, and expenses incurred while performing services.

Adjust charges

Easily make any necessary corrections and/or updates to charges for parts, labor, and expenses, ensuring accurate billing along with proper cost recording and asset updates.

Capture cost and initiate billing

Initiate customer billing

Submit reviewed charges for billing to receive timely payment for services rendered.

Capture service costs

Ensure that service costs are properly captured and recorded, then analyze those costs to drive profitability improvements in your service business.

Customer Experience is a key differentiator.

Focus on prioritising your immediate quick wins, while establishing a plan on how to deliver against strategic objectives.

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