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Oracle Field Service offers intuitive, AI-powered tools for routing, scheduling, and managing field service technicians. The solution makes it possible to deliver efficient and on-time service experiences—every time.


Scheduling and routing

Get the right field service person to the right place at the right time, every time, using the fastest optimized-scheduling engine available.

Time-based routing technology

Increase on-time arrivals by leveraging the power of machine learning (ML) and AI with a time-based, predictive, and self-learning routing engine.

Best-fit resource

Determine the best employee for each job using a unique, ML-generated, performance pattern profile—or work fingerprint—for all field employees. AI-powered predictions leverage those profiles to estimate how long a technician would take to complete the job.

Automatic resource routing

Automate and optimize the scheduling of any type of work, including urgent and emergency work, with no need for human intervention.

Routing visualizations

Visually compare multiple routing alternatives to maximize routing efficiency and resource utilization rates as well as meet/exceed customer expectations.

Single interface to manage all operations

Manage field service operations from a single interface with real-time views of all field activities.

Complete field force visibility

Gain real-time views of every job assigned to every field employee, in any combination of Gantt chart, map view, or list view.

Job reassignment and field scheduling flexibility

Retain the ability to manually assign work through an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, while allowing the system to make suggestions for work assignments.

Inventory and trunk stock tracking

Save time and money by knowing what inventory is required for each visit in real time.

Automatic job segmentation

Easily divide long-duration activities into segments across multiple days.

Real-time view of field resources

Ensure that all time commitments are met by better understanding your current service status and being prepared to act when exceptions occur.

Mobile capabilities

Support your field force in the manner they prefer. Provide your field service team with everything they need to succeed through a browser-based mobile app, iOS, or Android app.

Align information to jobs

Display the right information for the job based on employee preferences and job requirements.

Device accessibility

Support a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy to reduce costs and support third-party contract workers.

Configurable user interface

Quickly and easily create and edit forms using an intuitive user interface.

One tool for many solutions

Increase productivity by using one mobile tool to easily view work orders, get driving directions, check inventory status and availability, collaborate, and access other critical information.

Collaborate for better productivity

Streamline communication between employees, providing them with the flexibility to better solve problems, manage their workloads, and collaborate for improved efficiency and better customer experiences.

Connect your field force

Improve response time and resolve issues faster by streamlining communication between management, dispatch, help desk, and the field service teams.

Create a virtual helpdesk

Use the experience and knowledge of your entire field service force to resolve issues as they arise.

Context-driven chat

Streamline peer collaboration through context-driven chat.

Message broadcasts

Send out important information, safety warnings, traffic information, and meeting reminders.

Chatbot support

Get important information to your teams instantly by leveraging Oracle Digital Assistant or a chatbot of your choice.

Video call

Work through issues together and find faster resolutions by seeing the exact problem on the customer’s screen.

Smart location, customer communication, and technician locator

Know your field service team members’ locations in real time. Monitor how efficiently they’re getting to and from scheduled appointments, all while keeping the customer informed of progress all the way up to the tech’s arrival onsite.

Field resource monitoring

Get a comprehensive view of your field service employees’ geolocations from their mobile devices and/or vehicles.

Contractor or seasonal employee support

Inexpensively monitor contract or seasonal employees through their mobile devices.

Interactive worker trace

See suggested routes on a map and compare them to the actual path the worker traveled. Receive alerts for any noncompliant travel.

Promote safety and compliance

Keep your team safe, secure, and compliant throughout the workday.

Predictive appointment alerts

Increase your field service success rate by confirming customer appointments the day before—or even the day of—the service call.

Customer feedback

Better understand your customers' satisfaction levels with automated post-appointment surveys.

Configurable proactive notifications

Proactively reach your customers on their preferred method of communication (SMS, email, voice, and/or web).

Where's my technician?

Give customers a tool to fully understand their service status by viewing real-time service appointment information on a map, from any web browser, and then allow them to provide instant feedback with ratings and comments.

Forecasting and capacity planning

Take planning further. Discover future demand and make intelligent staffing decisions. Accurately calculate how much work can be completed each day, based on your available workers, their skills, work zones, and work types.

Predict field staffing needs

Better understand your field staffing needs with historical analysis that helps you to identify trends and predict future demand.

Track progress and performance

Create long-term field operations plans and track performance against those plans in real time.

Gap analysis

Discover skill gaps and insufficient coverage areas for better hiring and training.

What-if testing

Test what-if demand and capacity scenarios to see how factors such as marketing campaigns and sales promotions impact demand.

Stop over- or under-booking

Improve your resource utilization with instant visibility into workforce capacity.

Universal booking

Flexible booking models support direct, quota, time-slot–based, and availability-based booking.

Efficient workload planning

Reduce costs and manage resources more efficiently. With accurate predictions of how long each field event will take, you’ll always know your workforce’s true capacity.

Create quotas based on need

Achieve superior resource utilization by managing quota by minutes, percentage, or available capacity.

Scheduling, real-time traffic, and street-level routing

The most accurate scheduling for your business’s field service operations.

Real-time traffic

Automatically update travel time with real-time traffic and travel conditions.

Street-level routing

Leverage travel data from your map provider to help your mobile workforce get to locations quickly and efficiently.

Field service logistics

Connect your customer service and field service operations with your business supply chain using our complete service solution.

Contact center

Manage service requests across multiple changes with central access to the right answers from across your organization.

Field service

Route, schedule, dispatch, manage, and locate your field workforce more efficiently.

Collaborative, mobile tools

Provide easy-to-use tools for field technicians to collaborate in real time, accept inventory transfers, and take on new assignments—all to increase team productivity and customer satisfaction.

Parts logistics

Improve your parts inventory management. Enable service center agents to check parts availability, order and manage parts delivery, manage trunk stock, and initiate returns directly from a service request.

Depot repair

If a repair can’t be performed onsite, easily generate a return material authorization (RMA) so the asset can be returned for repair. Then, quickly and easily create a work order, complete the repair, and ship the asset back. You have complete visibility throughout the depot repair process to ensure effective, efficient repairs and optimize resource usage.

Service debrief

Better manage your service charges by letting your technicians review, correct, or update any labor, part, or expense costs incurred while they performed a service.

Cost capture and billing

Avoid costly mistakes and missed service charges. Easily capture and review all service costs and analyze that data to make improvements and drive profitability.

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